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A new FIFA Ultimate Team campaign called What if it was reportedly leaked in the Xbox Store after reports about the promotion.

Promotions are one of the most famous sections of the FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports releases a variety of activities during the game cycle, releasing exclusive pieces. These products are published as full SBCs and objectives in packs. Some of the most common game promotions include Team of the Year, Team of the Season and Future Stars.

A new promotion called What if is apparently the next promotion in line after an image has been leaked to the Xbox Store.

FIFA content developer FutSpy tweeted the Xbox Store image showing the FUT promotional image. Ok, what if.

The specifics of the promotion remain unclear, but it is believed that it will revolve around unparalleled cards in the Ultimate Squad. We might see cards like goaltenders in the centre, strikers in the goal, and the like.

Fans expected that the next FIFA Ultimate Team promotion will be Winter Refresh based on previous FUT years. EA Sports seems to have put the promotion on the backburner in favor of What If. This promotion, if released, will be the third new promotion to date in FIFA 21 following Rulebreakers and Freeze.

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