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Apex Legends’ Season 9 arrives on May 4th, so let’s have a look at all the reported buffs and nerfs coming with the new season. While not much is clear about what the next season is going to focus on, we do know that some agents will get some supportive buffs and others will get some long-requested nerves. 

Both confirmed buffs and nerves arriving at Season 9  


Image source: Respawn Entertainment

Gibraltar’s weapons shield may have barely missed a nerve in the last patch, but it’s eventually met with one next season. Bleedthrough damage is going to the shield, so this legend will no longer be able to sniper the tank, and the shotgun strikes like nothing.


Image source: Respawn Entertainment

Lifeline’s passive is being stuck with a nerf, but her ultimate is being buffeted. Her passive, which helps her to resurrect her teammates while still battling, is certainly very distracting, but in Season 9, it will be less so. That said, it’s not all the doom and gloom of Lifeline, because her ultimate buff is getting. If these buffs and nerves turn out to be, we don’t know yet, but Respawn is likely to have details later.


Image source: Respawn Entertainment

Horizon was released in Season 7 in a very good condition and managed to shrug off past nerves in order to stay in a strong state. But now, evidently, Respawn is going to strike her with a major nerve in Season 9. One big factor she’s so amazing is her tactical capacity Gravity Lift, which gives her and her squad a high advantage. Specifics aren’t clear yet, so it’s a safe bet that the nerve is going to rely on that talent of hers.


Image source: Respawn Entertainment

Loba’s bracelet will be buffed next season. We’re not sure how it would work, but it’s been a long time for Loba fans to come. Loba is a brilliant looter, but her field skills just don’t translate well into combat. Her forthcoming buff could eventually make her a viable, capable legend in the final game.

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