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The North Carolina-based video game developer – Epic Games –approached professional player Cody “Clix” Conrod to warn him of the consequences of continuing to promote and participate in wagers.

This news comes only two months after Epic announced the end of “subscriber custom scrims,” which many professional players hosted on their Twitch streams in exchange for subscriptions. Wager matches and subscriber customs are in violation of the game’s Terms of Service (TOS). It was only a matter of time before Epic began to issue warnings to anyone who broke the rules.

The CLIX Tweets

Clix, an NRG Esports player, has one of the most common Fortnite streams on Twitch. His shows also include wager matches in which he and other top players compete for a pot of money in Zone Wars or Box Fights. Professional players also compete against viewers for money as well. After hearing from Epic Games, the 16-year-old took to Twitter.

“Won’t be playing or having anything to do with wagers anymore,” he said. “I was personally messaged by Epic and ordered to quit or face a ban.” “Recommend that others quit as well, tweeting this to make people conscious.”

Given how famous wagering matches are throughout the competitive scene, it is a welcome warning. There is also a problem of underage gambling since many of the players who participate in wagers are under the age of 18. Epic adheres to Fortnite’s Terms of Service and could not allow these matches to proceed.

No Wagers = Less Content

Although this decision makes sense in terms of legality and liability, some figures have expressed concern about Fortnite’s future. Public matches have completely dried up, and those who broadcast Arena Mode are dealing with a troubling stream sniper crisis. Arab, a professional player and content developer, summed up his concerns in a tweet shortly after Clix announced the news.

There is no doubt that early-season Fortnite is challenging for players because no tournaments are taking place. Unfortunately, Epic Games had no alternative, and the volume of daily wagers became too much to bear. Stream sniping must be handled by the developers. Otherwise, Fortnite’s popularity on Twitch can begin to dwindle. The next Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) event starts in one month.

Source: ESTNN


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