Voin E-sports is the popular E-sports organization in the PUBG Mobile division

They just come with an announcement to all of us

A new concept and jersey for the next season is coming!

Carrying the Moon Knight theme, Voin no longer carries its distinctive Orange color in their Jersey.

Then, what is the new concept of their jersey?

Voin reveals that this new theme can bring new powers to the team

Just like the Moon Knight character from Marvel.

With the new appearance of a dark gray design and a touch of gold,

The concept is believed to be elegant and dashing.

Voin E-sports recently announced their new PUBG Mobile roster,

namely Vins & FJ, into the lineup.

The two roosters are here to replace the role of Dabs2k & Nyonx who left and eventually joined BNW88.

The organization also briefly announced a post showing a farewell on its Instagram social media

After finishing fifth in the Bung Karno E-sports Cup PUBG Mobile 2022 yesterday.

However, it seems that this is not a complete breakup but just a common rebranding.

But that seems to be just a sign to fans that the team will be back with something new in the near future.

However, this is still only speculation from the E-sports ID team

Which cannot be confirmed in the future.

Chances are, we will still see more announcements from the organization ahead of PMPL Fall which will be held soon.

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