Wild Rift the League of Legends event will return in a few moments.

Previously, this even will be held in Europe

Due to current condition, the developer should find another way to keep running this event

Then, Riot Games as the developer announce the details

The global pandemic cause the complicating visa applications,

As a result they take the decision to relocating the event.

The Icons Global Championship 2022 moves from Europe to Singapore event move from Europe to Australia.

The event will start on June, 14th 2022

And will take place at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore.

Do you excited to welcoming this event?

Surely, some people can’t wait longer that they expect to welcoming this event,

Because Icons is the mobile title’s season-concluding global tournament.

The event will feature 24 teams and has a $2m (~£1.62m) shared prize pool.

Leo Faria, the Global Head of Wild Rift E-sports shares that:

“We are incredibly excited to announce that our very first Wild Rift Icons Global Championship will be coming to Singapore this summer.”

“Icons will be the climax of our Wild Rift Esports season, showcasing the best in mobile esports from around the world!”

Moreover, there are more information regarding the tournament’s format, schedule and fan activations are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

This year has seen Wild Rift undergo a period of significant growth within its E-sports ecosystem.

While announcing a global event, the scene introduced regional leagues and has also secured Coca-Cola as a global sponsor.

Teams that have qualified for Wild Rift Icons as follows;

T1, Immortals, Team Queso, Sentinels, and some others.