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No Bounty Hunter disqualified from Western Europe DPC League

No Bounty Hunter will have to go through open qualifiers for a spot in the Spring Tour Division II of the Dota Pro Circuit.

DreamLeague, the Western Europe regional league tournament organizer, announced No Bounty Hunter’s disqualification from Division II after the team had to forfeit two series in the current season. As one of the many teams competing with no financial or logistical support from any organization or sponsor, NBH were recently faced with the impossibility of fielding a full roster. Per DPC rules, a team that forfeits two or more series is disqualified from the tournament.

No Bounty Hunter could not play a single match in the current DPC season due to their soft support player Sakis “dEsire” Kartsabas having also a football professional career and matches to attend there as well. They played their first three series in Division II with Angel “Flash” Niamtu and Ekken taking turns as substitutes for dEsire, but per DPC rules, a team can’t play more than three series with a substitute. Hence, NBH’s need to forfeit the matches that dEsire couldn’t show up for.

With them disqualified from Division II Western Europe regional league, it will be only one team that will get eliminated at the end of the Winter Tour. Currently, Ghost Frogs and Into the Breach are tied for seventh place in the league with 1-4 overall series score.

Source: Gosu Gamers


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