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LCK Spring Split 2022: Check out the final rosters of all the teams

LCK Spring Split 2022: Finals Rosters of all the participating teams. After the off-season, fans will be able to witness the competitive scene of League of Legends in 2022 very soon. The LCK will begin from 12th January and we finally have the complete roster list of all the ten teams that will be participating in this Split. Let us check that out.


  • Head Coach: Polt
  • Coach: moment and Bengi
  • Players: Top Lane – Zeus, Jungle – Oner, Middle Lane – Faker, Bottom Lane ADC – Gumayusi, Support – Keria and Asper.


  • Head Coach: Score
  • Coach: Mafa and Museong
  • Players: Top Lane – Doran, Jungle – Peanut and YoungJae, Middle Lane – Chovy, Bottom Lane ADC – Ruler, Support – Lehends.


  • Head Coach: KIM
  • Coach: Mowgli and Shine
  • Analyst: Dasom
  • Players: Top Lane – Kingen, Jungle – Pyosik, Middle Lane – Zeka, Bottom Lane ADC – Deft and Taeyoon, Support – BeryL.


  • Head Coach: Daeny
  • Coach: Zefa and Bubbling
  • Players: Top Lane – Hoya and Burdol, Jungle – Canyon, Middle Lane – ShowMaker, Bottom Lane ADC – deokdam, Support – Kellin.

Brion Esports

  • Head Coach: Edgar
  • Coach: Drinker
  • Players: Top Lane – Sword and Morgan, Jungle – UmTi, Middle Lane – Lava, Bottom Lane ADC – Hena, Support – Delight.


  • Head Coach: Cain
  • Coach: Spirit and Alvingo
  • Players: Top Lane – Kiin, Jungle – Ellim, Middle Lane – FATE, Bottom Lane ADC – Teddy and Leo, Support – Hoit and MapSSi.

KT Rolster

  • Head Coach: Hirai
  • Coach: supreme and Acorn
  • Analyst: Lee Heewon
  • Players: Top Lane – Rascal, Jungle – Cuzz and GIDEON, Middle Lane – Aria, Bottom Lane ADC – Aiming, Support – Life.

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Hanwa Life Esports

  • Head Coach: Kezman
  • Coach: SuDal and Bibra
  • Players: Top Lane – DuDu, Jungle – OnFleek and Willer, Middle Lane – Karis, Bottom Lane ADC – SamD, Support – Vsta.

Nongshim RedForce

  • Head Coach: sBs
  • Coach: Comet and Noblesse
  • Players: Top Lane – Canna, Jungle – Dread, Middle Lane – Bdd, Bottom Lane ADC – Ghost, Support – Effort and Peter.


  • Head Coach: Micro
  • Coach: Joker, Travel, and PawN
  • Players: Top Lane – Dove and Howling, Jungle – Croco, Middle Lane – Clozer, Bottom Lane ADC – Ice and Envyy, Supports – Kael.

These will be the final teams that will battle it out in the LCK Spring Split 2022 which will begin on January 12th.

Source: esportsgen


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