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League of Legends Live: The Orchestra to take place April 2 to 3 in Seoul, South Korea

The sounds that encapsulate the League of Legends universe will soon be coming to the Sejong Center for Performing Arts in SeouSouth Korea in a limited weekend concert.

Riot Korea announced today that the League of Legends Live: The Orchestra concert will be held from April 2 to April 3. The concert is being advertised to feature songs from the esports side of League, such as “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons, as well as songs and themes from the game’s universe, including a medley from one of League’s many bands, Pentakill. This will be the first game-featured performance at the Sejong Center, according to the venue’s website.

All of the songs will be performed by the KBS Symphony Orchestra, one of the most renowned Korean orchestras. They have held hundreds of concerts featuring music from around the world since their founding in 1958, but this will be the first time that they tackle music from a video game.

This performance was previously scheduled to be held on Nov. 27 and 28 in 2020, but was postponed due to the evolving concerns for COVID-19 in South Korea. These new dates are tentative and are subject to change if any safety issues arise.

Source: Dot Esports

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