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Who’s Keemstar? The King of the Drama on YouTube

Is Keemstar really as bad as man says, as Evil? Why do people dislike Keem too much? Learn more to find out what you want to hear about the King of the Internet conflict.

One of the most divisive internet celebrities is arguably Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, the notorious host of YouTube’s infamous show DramaAlert. 

In spite of being one of the most popular YouTube series, not many are up to the notorious DramaAlert. 

The motivation is because when it comes on the Keem sound of radar stuff certainly doesn’t look good for you, and you just did something that could upset your career and they want to reveal you or for whatever reason Keem feels you deserve to be in a public role because his army of supporters would assist him in that.

The 39-year-old YouTuber has a long history of scandals, feuds, and general corruption, making him one of the internet’s most disliked individuals, while also creating an army of followers who enjoy his antagonistic mentality and relentless desire to generate more controversy and “expose” people. 

How did Keemstar get famous? 

When he was active in the Halo culture, Keemstar’s Internet origins can be traced back to the early age of YouTube. 

He was part of a community channel named F.A.G. (The A**hole Gamers Federation) which makes videos of Halo trolling, and where he used the name DJ Keemstar.

With 5 terminated YouTube accounts and 2 terminated on Twitch, Keem is probably one of the YouTubers with the highest number of terminated accounts. 

In January 2013, shortly after he started his hallmark show DramaAlert, his first YouTube channel, XDJKEEMSTAR, was taken down. 

DramaAlert’s very first episode reported on the vulnerability of iFlynn to Raw Instinct, and the show’s overall focus in the early days was on Call of Duty and its culture. 

Keem has found that people are watching scandals within the YouTuber culture with specific attention, which gives him the concept of making a show that would concentrate on focusing on YouTube controversy.

Finally, in June 2014, he produced NewDramaAlert, but the channel was owned and run by Keem’s boss, Ryan Thomson, to circumvent his ban, while Keemstar was hosting and producing the program. 

The YouTube account, now simply named DramaAlert, is running to this day, and Keem has had access to it again after his ban was lifted in 2016. 

Keem has been working on many podcasts, in addition to DramaAlert. From 2016 to 2019, he was the creator and co-host of the “Baited! Podcast” and “Moms Basement”, the new show he co-hosts with FaZe Banks and Colossal is Mad that began in March 2020.


Why did he get disliked by people? 

Keemstar is perhaps one of the most split opinions people have regarding Internet celebrities. 

With almost 6 million viewers to his YouTube page, his content is unquestionably appreciated and enjoyed by individuals. On average, his videos have several million views and often he merely reports internet celebrity news, without actually generating any drama. 

Most of his fame, though, comes by placing the spotlight on a major scandal that typically includes very controversial topics.

When Keemstar covers subjects that can destroy the lives of other people, he can be brutally merciless and disrespectful, and people always see his approach as a job of a sociopath who does not care for the well-being of those interested in the subject he covers. Many individuals have also been pushed to the brink by his coverage. 

His first popular rivalry was with an American Minecraft YouTuber, Bashurverse. Keem pulled up some confidential details on the show from the history of the Bashurverse, which effectively ruined his YouTube career and culminated in many breakdowns for Bashur. Ultimately, after all the hatred it got, Bashurverse took a hiatus from the internet for several years.

Keem infamously accused RSGloryandGold, a 62-year-old Twitch streamer, of being arrested, culminating in violence and death threats, of being a paedophile named John Philips. Although Keem acknowledged that he was mistaken, to this day, RSGloryandGold continues to receive hate and threats. 

These are only a few highlights from the long past of Keem’s malicious behavior and violence, which are just fragments of the puzzle why people dislike Keem so much. 

Keemstar is also notorious for expressing disdain for mental illness, stating that “aren’t real disorders” are depression and social anxiety and calling “weak” anyone who struggles from it.

Keemstar was also criticized by YouTuber Etika, who unfortunately passed away and has a history of severe mental health issues and breakdowns, who urged him to have further breakdowns to give him material for DramaAlert. Keem disregarded it as another marketing stunt when Etika went missing, but finally, it was found that Etika committed suicide. 

Aside from exploiting the concerns of other people and mental health struggles for his own benefit, with his interviews and subjects he discusses, Keemstar is often notorious for being incredibly unprofessional.

He also has a personal bias toward many YouTubers, and to damage their image and careers, he uses his platform and an army of fans to his benefit. 

He is notorious for bullying people who he doesn’t want to say he’s going to “destroy them” and has a history of doxxing and swatting people. 

He doxxed and implicitly supported Destiny and Smile4YouTube to doxx a lot of other smaller YouTubers. He is also notorious for sending his fans’ troops to threaten and inspire people he doesn’t want to spread misleading rumors about them.

Critical issues such as rape allegations, pedophilia, behavioral problems, and scams are frequently covered, but without the ability to genuinely support victims or figure out the facts, rather than to gain attention and perceptions. 

Keem has been accused of influencing and using persons to his benefit over the years, while also behaving unprofessionally and with discrimination. Keem has had moments throughout his lifetime including bigotry, mocking a victim of rape, and scaring off the supporters of other individuals. 

He’s an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, the former American President, and another thing on the agenda is that some people don’t like him.

All the material we’ve discussed above is just a small portion of the current turmoil involving the biggest drama channel on YouTube. 

Keemstar has created his brand that many dislike around his personality and that’s precisely why so many people enjoy him and watch his content simultaneously. 

As long as DramaAlert is famous, and people are watching it, it’s really different that he’s going to change.

For years, many YouTubers and groups have been calling for a boycott and urging YouTube to ban Keem, but after almost a decade, he is still here, seemingly as famous as he ever was. 

Maybe he will finally adjust when Keem reaches his 40th birthday and as his daughter gets older? We’re going to have to wait and see, so we’re confident that before that, he’s going to have at least a few more big scandals.


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